Criminal Justice and Security Certificate   
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About the Criminal Justice and Security Certificate

Catalog Year: 2016-2017 (view other years)
Minimum credits required:  21

This program can be completed entirely online.
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This certificate program is designed for those individuals interested in training in the criminal justice field, particularly as it relates to security and international crime.


Program-Specific Requirements

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Program Outcomes

Call and get advisedUpon successful completion of the Criminal Justice and Security Certificate program, the learner will be able to:


  1. Explain the historical development of American criminal law from its English common law roots to the present. (AJS 101)
  2. Analyze criminal conduct in the context of historical, social, political and legal developments. (AJS 101)
  3. Analyze the intersection of law, morality, and ethics in our modern society. (AJS 123)
  4. Discuss global business security issues and transnational events which have global repercussions. (AJS 250)
  5. Analyze Homeland Security and homeland defense policies and strategies, with a focus on immigration and border security.  (AJS 252)
  6. Describe unique criminal justice challenges posed by international criminal activity and organizations. (AJS 254)
  7. Discuss the history and causes of terrorism. (AJS 256)
  8. Analyze the unique challenges to protection of information and computer security posed by cyberspace. (AJS 258)