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About the Fire Science - Basic Firefighter Certificate

Catalog Year: 2016-2017 (view other years)
Minimum credits required:  25
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Gainful Employment Data

The Basic Firefighter certificate program is designed to prepare students for positions as career and volunteer firefighters at the entry level. Some students may already be employed at the entry level and are seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills.


Program-Specific Requirements

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Program Outcomes

Call and get advisedUpon successful completion of the Fire Science - Basic Firefighter Certificate program, the learner will be able to:

  1. Explain the proper uses for various equipment/tools, the care and use of fire equipment ladders, and perform basic ladder raises for multi-person ladders. (FSC 105)
  2. Describe and perform standard hose rolls and carries used by the fire service. (FSC 105)
  3. Explain the need for proper ventilation. (FSC 105)
  4. Explain the method and theory of fire cause determination as it applies to the firefighter to include securing the scene and legal considerations. (FSC 105)
  5. Identify and explain the components and value of automatic sprinkler systems. (FSC 105)
  6. Perform various drags, lifts, carries, wall breaching, narrow-space manipulation and hoisting techniques directly related to firefighter safety and self-survival. (FSC 105)
  7. Identify various hazardous materials and their potential dangers. (FSC 104)
  8. Perform CPR for victims of all ages and demographics. (EMS 132)
  9. Provide first aid for victims of all ages and demographics. (EMS 132)
  10. Describe principles and techniques of emergency medical care as performed by the EMT-Basic in accordance with national and state curriculum. (EMS 132)