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About the Gunsmithing Certificate

Catalog Year: 2016-2017 (view other years)
Minimum credits required:  40
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Gainful Employment Data

The Gunsmithing certificate prepares the student for direct employment as a gunsmith in an established shop.

Note: There is a special admission process for this program. Prospective students should contact an academic advisor for detailed information.


Program-Specific Requirements

Course Course Title Hours
GST100 Apprentice Gunsmithing

GST 100. Apprentice Gunsmithing (10). Basic gunsmithing skills including shop and general firearms safety, machine tool skills, stockmaking, metal refinishing, shotgun design, application and function. Rifle systems and ballistics. Integration of computer applications. Prerequisite: Application required with the following documentation: Yavapai College Student Number (Y#), current concealed carry weapon (CCW) permit or federal background check. Students under the age of 21 must contact ID Vetting (866.987.3767) for security check if their state does not issue CCW permits for applicants under the age of 21, and gunsmithing disclosure statement. Four lecture. Eighteen lab.

1. Safety standards and liability
2. History, design, function and repair of rifle systems
3. Design, function and repair of shotguns
4. Measuring instruments, hand and power tool operation
5. Metal finishes used on firearms
6. Computer Ballistics Software Application

1. Operate firearms, machine shop and bluing equipment safely. (1)
2. Identify and repair various rifle designs. (2)
3. Maintain, repair and customize a variety of shotguns. (3)
4. Fabricate to specifications various projects using hand and power tools. (3,4)
5. Disassemble firearms, identify different metals, prepare parts, apply finishes, and reassemble firearms. (5)
6. Use Ballistics Software Application to develop ballistics data and research information. (6)

GST150 Journeyman Gunsmithing

GST 150. Journeyman Gunsmithing (10). Intermediate study of machine tool use and firearms applications. Milling, turning, precision grinding, break action shotguns, stockmaking. Pistol and revolver design and function. Shotgun design, application and function. Prerequisite: GST 100. Four lecture. Eighteen lab.

1. Turning, vertical milling, indexing and precision grinding
2. Modification and tuning of break action shotguns
3. Design, function and repair of pistols and revolvers
4. Stockmaking repairs and techniques
5. Orientation to trap, skeet and sporting clays

1. Operate various machine tools including the engine lathe vertical mill, precision grinder and dividing head. (1)
2. Maintain, repair and extensively modify break action shotguns. (2)
3. Maintain, repair and diagnose a variety of handguns. (3)
4. Repair, install accessories, refinish, and epoxy bed an existing wood stock. (4)
6. Identify firearms associated with trap, skeet and sporting clays. (5)

GST200 Professional Gunsmithing

GST 200. Professional Gunsmithing (10). Advanced gunsmithing techniques and applications of existing skills. Studies in precision barreling of rifles. Major pistol and revolver modifications. Advanced stockmaking procedures and machining of major firearm components. Prerequisite: GST 150. Four lecture. Eighteen lab.

1. Action modifications and compensator theory
2. Assembly, fitting and tuning of aftermarket handgun components
3. Stockmaking from a semi-inlet stock bank
4. Advanced tooling operations for precision barreling and accurizing
5. Rules and regulations set by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms

1. Set up and operate various machine tools including the engine lathe and manual milling machine. (1,2,4)
2. Extensively customize pistols and revolvers. (1,2)
3. Complete a classic wood rifle stock from semi-inlet to a finished product. (3)
4. Safely install barrels on a variety of rifles using advanced methods. (1,4)
5. Identify Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Violations. (5)

GST250 Master Gunsmithing

GST 250. Master Gunsmithing (10). Mastery of Gunsmithing skills and metal skills. Capstone course to build the student portfolio. Construction of a business plan. Prerequisite: GST 200. One lecture. Twenty-seven lab.

1. Industry standards
2. Demographics
3. Workplace ethics and performance standards
4. Presentation techniques including photographs and resumes
5. Value of work
6. Advertising
7. Communication techniques and processes
8. Portfolio building
9. Documentation for business

1. Perform a broad variety of Gunsmithing tasks at or beyond levels or competency accepted in the industry.
2. Communicate professionally with customer and vendors.
3. Develop a business plan, complete with demographics, suitable for a small business loan application.
4. Develop an accurate price list for performing technical services.
5. Develop marketing tools such as brochures and ads.
6. Present a portfolio including a resume, photos and finished work.


Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Gunsmithing Certificate program, the learner will be able to:


  1. Safely operate hand and machine tools common to the gunsmithing trade.
  2. Use measuring tools such as micrometers, indicators, verniers and various gauges.
  3. Use a computer to develop ballistic data and to document research assignments.
  4. Completely disassemble firearms for metal refinishing and re-assembly.
  5. Identify different rifle operating systems.
  6. Identify different shotgun operating systems including maintenance, repair and customization.
  7. Lay out, duplicate, inlet, fit, glass bed, install accessories, apply finish and checker the Classic American rifle stock.