Yavapai College Academics

  • Scott Farnsworth
  • Scott Farnsworth
    Interim Provost
    & Vice President
    Instruction & Student Development

Welcome to College. For many of you, I should say, Welcome Back to College.

Yavapai College has an extraordinary commitment to meeting the educational needs and interests of the people of our county. Many of our students are embarking on a college education for the first time; many are the first in their families to do so. Others have been to college before -- some having stopped short of a degree due to life challenges; others completed degrees - even graduate degrees - and find that the need and/or desire for learning never stops. Still others come join us for lifelong learning or continuing education outside of our credit offerings. Regardless of why you come to us, you could not have made a better decision. You will not find a college community more committed to your success than Yavapai College.